Saturday, September 24, 2011

Free Online Games - SMITE - A new MOBA style game

SMITE - A new MOBA style game

SMITE wasn't released yet but it will be moba style like League of Legends and Heros of Newerth but in a whole different level. SMITE have awesome graphics with a third person view like a standart mmorpg and your character moves with WASD keys instead of the standard mouse moving.
SMITE has several gods to choose from and all of them have great abilities and skin detail. Another great difference is the fact that your base is a minotaur that will figth your enemys when they try to win the game. Also this game uses the very known Unreal 3 engine so probably the game with have some high pc requirements.
Currently you can candidate to be a beta tester on the game website. Lets wait for this game to see if it will be as good as it promisses.

Gameplay video:

Website: SMITE Website

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