Sunday, January 22, 2012

Online Games - Lineage 2 GoD LVL 1 to 20 Guide

Since lately i've been talking a lot about Lineage 2 GoD i leave here a starter guide, that i found on youtube, for all the new players of Lineage 2 GoD.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Online Games - Lineage 2 - Goddess of Destruction

Lineage 2 it's a very popular mmorpg that recently become free to play in is most recent update "Goddess of Destruction". Lineage 2 GoD can be played for free in two different places:
- Official Lineage 2 by NCSoft
- 4Game by Innova Systems
Innova Systems has European and Russian servers and NCSoft has American and also European servers and i personaly recommend playing in the official NCSoft servers.
In the official NCSoft servers all the features work like Mentor System (that doesn't work so far on 4Game) and you are allowed to make dualbox (that is paid so far on 4Game). Also in NCSoft server you can use the Path to Awakening System that give you rewards (Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Shots) from lvl 1 to lvl 76 tou help you in your gameplay experience.

So that's it for now i will make soon a beginner's guide with character creation and a lvl 0 to lvl 20 walkthrough.

Lineage 2 GoD gameplay video:

Rating: 8/10