Monday, November 28, 2011

Online Games - Lineage 2 Goddess of Destruction - Free to play

It's true, on of the greatest mmorpg of all time will now be free to play too. Lineage II Goddess of Destruction will be free too play after 30 of November.

Lineage 2

Website: Lineage II Free to Play or Lineage II

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Online Games - DC Universe is now free to play

DC Universe is a hero style mmorpg game and it's now free to play, for more information check our review:  DC Universe Review.

Gameplay Video:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Online Games - Brawl Busters - First Look Gameplay

Brawl Busters

Brawl Busters is a 3D mmo fighting game with a gameplay/graphics very simular to the shooter team fortress 2. The graphics are very good and the gameplay it's also not bad with all the cool special abilities from each characters.
The game has some gamemodes like team deathmatch (PvP), Zombie Defence (PvE) and others...
In terms of classes you can choose from five options:

Slugger - Basebal player - Ranged Dps

Firefighter - Raged Dps / Tank

Rocker - Melee Dps

Boxer - Heavy Puncher - Melee Dps

Blitzer - Meele Dps

You can also customize the look of you character in several ways.

Brawl Busters gameplay

Gameplay video:

Website: Brawl Buster

Rating: 6/10

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Online Games - CrimeCraft BleedOut - First look review

CrimeCraft BleedOut - First look review

CrimeCraft it's a free to play mmo shooter with a 3rd person view.
The game has a large city as game world where you can move around to meet people and accept missions.
CrimeCraft uses the Unreal 3 engine and has several game modes with both PvP and PvE styles. In the game modes you find the usual team vs team, capture the flag, capture points, free for all but you also find game modes of stealing money and defend points agains waves of AI bots.
I really recomend this games to all mmo shooter fans.

CrimeCraft BleedOut

Gameplay video:

Website: CrimeCraft BleedOut

Rating: 7/10