Monday, October 24, 2011

Online Games - Forsaken World - First Look

Forsaken World 1

Forsaken World it's a free to play mmorpg from Perfect World Entertainment. The game it's quite new, launched around March of 2011 but already count with a huge community.
The graphics in this game along with the huge variety of cenarios in the map, his PvP system and the awesome gameplay make him one of the best free to play mmorpg around.

Forsaken World 2

You have five races (Stoneman, Elf, Dwarf, Human, Kindred) and a total of 8 classes to play:

- Warrior

- Protector (Tank)

- Assassin

- Marksman (Ranged DPS)

- Mage

- Priest (Healer/Support)

- Vampire (Drain Life)

- Bard (Support/Disabler)

Besides that you can have several occupations like socialite, adventurer, merchant, collector, arcanist, botanist, astrologist, armorsmith, blacksmith, tamer and alchemist.

Forsaken World 1

Gameplay video:

Website: Forsaken World

Rating: 8/10

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Online Games - Perfect World - First Look

Perfect World - First Look

Perfect World is a free to play 3D fantasy mmorpg with fair graphics and a nice community.
In this game you have ten playable classes and you can customize your char in almost everything, you can have several mounts and pets and the staff members are very active and competent. The negative aspects are the interface that looks a little old, the PvP that is kinda boring and the XP rate it's low.
The game offers you five races (Human, Untamed, Winged Elf, Tideborn and Earthguard) with two unique classes for each race. Then the ten classes are:
- Archer
- Barbarian
- Assassin
- Blademaster
- Seeker
- Cleric
- Mystic
- Psychic
- Wizard
- Venomancer

Perfect World gameplay

Gameplay video:

Website: Perfect World

Rating: 6/10

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Online Games - APB Reloaded - GTA like mmorpg

APB Reloaded - GTA like MMORPG

APB Reloaded it's a GTA like mmorpg with a good vs evil gameplay, in this case we have cops vs bandits. In both factions you gonna missions to perform, in this missions you will play with your allies and face enemys from the other faction in order to win the mission. Imagine playing the game GTA online with real people, it's just awesome.

APB Reloaded - GTA like MMORPG

Gameplay video:

Website: APB Reloaded
Rating: 7/10

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Online Games - S4 League - A Sci-Fi Shooter

S4 League - A Sci-Fi Shooter

S4 League is a Sci-Fi online shooter from alaplaya with really nice gameplay, graphics and features. You can customize your char and buy him outfits in shop. You also can buy lots of difrerent weapons like guns, dual guns, shotguns, swords and lots more.
It has several gamemodes to play like deathmatch (team vs team), touchdown (capture the flag), siege (capture points), etc.
I really recomend you to try this one.

Gameplay video:

Website: S4 League Website

Rating: 7/10

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Online Games - Star Trek Online will become free-to-play

Star Trek Online screenshot

The mmorpg Star Trek Online is being developed to be released as free to play until the end of this year. As all the MMORPG lately are becoming free-to-play, Cryptic Studios did not lose time and also will release the Star Trek Online free-to-play.

Star Trek Online is an mmorpg based on the science fiction franchise Star Trek. The game's story is set in the year 2409, Star Trek Online has great features and graphics. Players have the opportunity to become senior officers of Starfleet and participate in missions that will take them to the depths of space, through exotic planets of all types. Star Trek Online offers full customization from a player's avatar, weapon upgrades such as clothing and more.

Gameplay video:

Website: Star Trek Online
Rating: None yet

Monday, October 3, 2011

Online Games - League of Legends - New game mode Dominion

League of Legends Dominion

For the ones who don't know, League of Legends it's a free to play moba game. And recently was added to the game a new game mode called Dominion. Dominion it's a 5vs5 map control game in which you already start a level 3 with some money and you will level up much faster. The game usualy last for 20-25 mins and they are allways full of action. This new game mode is really addictive and promisses to bring lots of fun to the League of Legends players. I also made a little video of Dominion's gameplay with one of the best champion for this game mode, Rammus. Due to his speed, armor and CC rammus is a great champion to Dominion.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Online Games - New free-to-play shooter Firefall

New free-to-play shooter Firefall

FireFall is a team-based action shooter and it's currently in beta fase. As far as i know it will be free to play and the gameplay remember me a bit of the game Borderlands. For more information check the video or the website.

Gameplay video:

Website: FireFall Website

Rating: None yet