Monday, October 24, 2011

Online Games - Forsaken World - First Look

Forsaken World 1

Forsaken World it's a free to play mmorpg from Perfect World Entertainment. The game it's quite new, launched around March of 2011 but already count with a huge community.
The graphics in this game along with the huge variety of cenarios in the map, his PvP system and the awesome gameplay make him one of the best free to play mmorpg around.

Forsaken World 2

You have five races (Stoneman, Elf, Dwarf, Human, Kindred) and a total of 8 classes to play:

- Warrior

- Protector (Tank)

- Assassin

- Marksman (Ranged DPS)

- Mage

- Priest (Healer/Support)

- Vampire (Drain Life)

- Bard (Support/Disabler)

Besides that you can have several occupations like socialite, adventurer, merchant, collector, arcanist, botanist, astrologist, armorsmith, blacksmith, tamer and alchemist.

Forsaken World 1

Gameplay video:

Website: Forsaken World

Rating: 8/10

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