Monday, October 3, 2011

Online Games - League of Legends - New game mode Dominion

League of Legends Dominion

For the ones who don't know, League of Legends it's a free to play moba game. And recently was added to the game a new game mode called Dominion. Dominion it's a 5vs5 map control game in which you already start a level 3 with some money and you will level up much faster. The game usualy last for 20-25 mins and they are allways full of action. This new game mode is really addictive and promisses to bring lots of fun to the League of Legends players. I also made a little video of Dominion's gameplay with one of the best champion for this game mode, Rammus. Due to his speed, armor and CC rammus is a great champion to Dominion.

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