Sunday, October 16, 2011

Online Games - Perfect World - First Look

Perfect World - First Look

Perfect World is a free to play 3D fantasy mmorpg with fair graphics and a nice community.
In this game you have ten playable classes and you can customize your char in almost everything, you can have several mounts and pets and the staff members are very active and competent. The negative aspects are the interface that looks a little old, the PvP that is kinda boring and the XP rate it's low.
The game offers you five races (Human, Untamed, Winged Elf, Tideborn and Earthguard) with two unique classes for each race. Then the ten classes are:
- Archer
- Barbarian
- Assassin
- Blademaster
- Seeker
- Cleric
- Mystic
- Psychic
- Wizard
- Venomancer

Perfect World gameplay

Gameplay video:

Website: Perfect World

Rating: 6/10

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