Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Online Games - AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms) - FPS

AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms)

AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms) is in my opinion one of the best free to play fps now a days. It has realy nice graphics, good community, awesome gameplay. Also has a lot of diferent weapons, maps and game modes like:

- Demolition - Basically "Search and Destroy"
- Annihilation - Basically "Team Death Match"
- Dominaion - Kinda like "Control Points"
- Escort - You have to escort a tank
- Free for all - Like "One Man Army"

It's one of the few FPS where i didn't saw hackers yet (dosen't mean there aren't any) but it's a positive sign.

Gameplay video:

Website: AVA Website

Rating: 8/10

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