Monday, September 26, 2011

Online Games - Aika online - First Look

Aika online - First Look

Aika is a free to play mmorpg, from gPotato, heavily based on PvP with Castle Sieges and Realm Battles that can can have more than 2000 people fighting at the same time. The graphics are really good and the environment detail is quite decent too. The game community is not bad and the gameplay seem very interesting. Aika Online offeres you six playable classes:

- Fighter
- Dual Gunner
- Warlock
- Paladin
- Rifleman
- Cleric

Another great feature of Aika Online it's the fact that you have to define a PIN (four numbers) for each character that you create which mean that even if anyone find out your account they can't enter the game with your characters because they don't know the PIN.

Gameplay video:

Website: Aika Online Website

Rating: 7/10

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