Monday, February 20, 2012

Online Games - Webzen giveaway on MU, Archlord and S.U.N Online

Webzen giveaway

Webzen is giving free high level character in their 3 mmorpgs (MU Online, Archlord and S.U.N Online). This giveaway will stay opened from February 15 to March 14 of 2012. Besides the high level character, they give you some gear, items and cash just by creating the character.
You can also win more stuff by doing missions and winning daily rewards.

MU Online

Webzen mu online

- Level 220 from start
- Fully geared with free +9 excellent items
- Free cash items for all


Webzen archlord

- Level 60 from start
- Fully geared with realm armors & unique weapon
- Free unique shuta ring & karkaen necklace

S.U.N. Online:

Webzen S.U.N. online

- Level 90 from start
- Fully geared with incomplete elite items
- Supportive gifts including fre cash items
- Additional gifts from the new level up box
- Abundant experiences" bonus EXP 250%

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