Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Online Games - Allods Online - Volume 5 goes live this February

Allods Online

It's true the volume 5 update to Allods Online goes live this February according to the news on their forum:
"Allods Online Volume 5: Game of Gods, is set to launch in February 2012, marking two years since gPotato.eu’s first open beta test. Over those 24 months, Allods Online has gone from strength to strength, with each volume adding more and more content while also polishing and balancing the AAA MMORPG according to community feedback, honing Allods Online into one of the most expansive and comprehensive MMORPGs in the world. With the February expansion Allods Online will add even more dynamic content, a whole new archetype and many other great features!"
And this new volume will brings lots of new features, some of them are:
"A list of the most prominent Volume 5 features is as follows:
All new archetype - the Bard.
Level cap increase to level 51.
New Raid, featuring all new bosses with epic and strategic battles.
New Battleground system, comprising a 12-a-side PvP area that players can enter from level 23 and above. Players can fight against their own or opposing faction.
At least 13 all new astral allods in an all new 4th layer of Astral space.
Astral ship physics will be revamped to make astral space PvE and PvP battles even more dynamic and exciting.
Great Rank, which is an epic quest for the top players on each server to distinguish themselves from all other players. The best-of-the-best will earn a chance to gain an extra skill point, an extra ruby, and a second slot for a customised class build with a duel spec • Hundreds of new quests exploring the nature of the gods of Sarnaut, as well as the creation and destruction of the Allods Online universe.
Social Network integration, allowing players to post screenshots of their adventures without leaving the game."

 Both quotes are from their forum.

So to finish i leave here the trailer and some screen shots that gpotato posted online:

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